October 10th, 2016 at 2:00am

“WAAAAAKE UP, IT’S GAAAAAME DAYYYY!” can be heard echoing throughout my apartment and most likely all apartments below me, adjacent to me or down the street from me on Saturday mornings. Nothing gets my suitemates and I more pumped for an afternoon of socializing, exhibiting school spirit and inhaling copious amounts of appetizers than having a cute outfit to accompany us on the journey of the unadulterated college experience.

The Fashionista featured has found the perfect outfit to make the transition from tailgate to bleachers quite easy. Wearing our school colors proudly, the Fashionista is sporting an American Apparel tennis skirt accompanied by a comfortable, school apparel T-shirt. Instead of tucking the shirt into the skirt, she tied it into a knot creating an eye-catching, focal point for the outfit.

The Fashionista understands her outfit to be quite cheerleader-esque. She loves supporting her school and teams, but this is not the most accurate representation of her general aesthetic. So, in order to personalize this adorable outfit a little bit to represent who she is as a student, she wore a pair of slip-on Vans. Not only do the shoes add uniqueness with their checkered pattern, but they also ensure complete comfort for each and every event of the long day.

To transition this look from daytime to nighttime, one might want to switch out the tennis skirt for a pair of jeans. Hopefully celebrating a win, one can still support their teams by rocking the school T-shirt on a night out. My position stands: it’s impossible to have too much school pride, even when the game is over.