WHAT TO WEAR: G.N.O. Edition

As Carrie Bradshaw said, “When life gets confusing, sometimes there’s only one thing to do: Attend a fabulous party.”

Preach it, Carrie. As 20-somethings with jam-packed schedules, constantly studying, working, and always on the go, life starts to feel like a game of keeping up with the chaos. Monday mornings blur together with Tuesdays, next we conquer the Wednesday hump, then advance to Thursday, and finally, all of a sudden, life slows down for just a second. It’s Friday night. It’s time for a night out on the town with the girls.

Picture this: all the gals together at a posh venue, dressed to the nines, chatting, laughing, gossiping, dining on sushi, and sipping cosmopolitans. For just that night, the stress of school, work, and that confusing life, vanishes. Cheers to the relief and the thrill of a G.N.O.

Wondering about what to wear for this Friday night out on the town? What is dressing to the nines? What are the fashion do’s and don’ts of a G.N.O.?

Do play dress up! A girl’s night out is the perfect excuse to wear that metallic silver or jet black leather top that is hanging in the wardrobe, just begging for a night out on the town. Pay homage to your inner Kate Moss with fishnet stockings layered underneath distressed boyfriend jeans. To accessorize, carry a spiked and studded clutch, channeling Lady Gaga’s ultra bedazzled Super Bowl ensemble. What’s dressing up without fishnets, feathers, metallic, or sparkles? We are all born superstars, right?

Do take a fashion risk. You may be skeptical to add the white shaggy faux fur coat over top the bold, trendy tank if this were a date night. Mix and match textures, patterns, and striking color palettes. Plus, you will not have to worry about towering over a date, so finish off the outfit with sky-high stilettos or chunky heel booties, and stand tall. All pressure is off since tonight is just the gals. No need to fret if your look is too casual, too fancy, or too outrageous.

Don’t show up in a suit, blouse, or any business or professional attire that screams, “Came from the office.” Remember that it’s Friday, and your work life is separate from your personal life!

Don’t carry with you any baggage. All the essentials will fit perfectly in a dainty clutch; I.D., cash, cell phone, and lipstick. Forget the tote bag, leave the laptop, turn off all email notifications, and mentally switch yourself to weekend mode. Try to minimize scrolling social media, texting, excess snapchatting, and any other use of technology. Really, the only time you need the cell phone is to capture pictures with your entourage… to later upload to Instagram, of course.

Do party on! Take Carrie Bradshaw’s advice: Attend a fabulous party.

Is it Friday yet?