WHAT TO WEAR: Fun in the Sun

WHAT TO WEAR: Fun in the Sun

The sun’s out, we live by the beach, and it feels like every day is summer, except for the fact that we still have classes. In Santa Barbara, the weather is telling us to stay outside and enjoy the day, but our classes are saying the opposite. The good thing is we know how to compromise. But just because we are compromising our time in the sun, doesn’t mean that our style also has to be compromised. This Fashionista’s outfit shows us how to be stylish for a sunny day, perfect for in and out of the classroom.

This Fashionista sports a fun, floral romper and some retro, white sandals. The romper is great to pull on before class, and comfortable enough to wear the whole day. And I know we can all agree that grabbing one item of clothing is way easier than trying to match separates, and it’s just as stylish! Though it’s a darker color, the floral print works for any spring or summer day. The sandals work to give the look a touch of lightness, while also being neutral enough to not overpower the outfit. Finally, no look is complete without a few accessories. This Fashionista dons a striking beaded bracelet, as well as a few metal bangles, and a simple crystal necklace. To top it all off, classic sunglasses are a necessity to protect from UV rays once you race out of the classroom.

All in all, this Fashionista is ready for a day filled with learning and basking in the SoCal sun. She can take this outfit from lecture straight to the beach and still look rad as ever!

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