WHAT TO WEAR: From Class To The Track

As a student-athlete, this Fashionista is always on the go to and from class or practice. In order to jump from one mindset to the next, she stays ready for whatever the day throws at her. By wearing plain black Nike leggings, it’s easy to go from comfy to ready for practice in an instant. For this look she chose retro New Balance sneakers, so she can get from one side of campus to the other quickly.

Because it’s winter and the weather is chilly, she paired the leggings with a simple terry clothed long sleeve shirt, a military style jacket, and a black Columbia puffer coat. The puffer coat is nice for the cold weather and layering the green jacket underneath makes it versatile and still a complete outfit if she gets warm indoors and wants to take the jacket off.

The scarf and sunglasses simply add comfort and versatility to the outfit. Easy to come on and off when she gets warm in class and when the sun peaks in and out through the day. This time of year, when it’s snowing one day and sunny the next, adaptability is the key to comfort.

This Fashionista balances the athletic style with regular outfits so that she can go from sitting in business class to running and jumping over hurdles quick. The life of a student-athlete isn’t an easy one. Most of the time this fashionista’s make up is minimal for class days due to time or the fact that it will be sweat off hours later. However, if she has the time she will throw on some mascara and a little concealer. From weight lifting to practice and team study hours, a versatile style makes life easier when you’re somewhat prepared for whatever is thrown at you.