WHAT TO WEAR: Friday Night Fun

Friday nights. They’re the night we look forward to all week, they’re usually filled with fun, friends, and fantastic fashion. But, sometimes picking out the perfect cute and comfortable outfit can be tricky. That’s why when I saw this Fashionista’s killer look, I knew it would be the perfect example on how to be casual and comfy, while still looking killer.

The secret to picking out an outfit like this one is having a statement piece. One part of the outfit that really pops out from the rest of the garments keeps you looking interesting while still being casual and not too overdressed. This Fashionista’s statement piece is her plaid shirt. The plaid pattern is mostly black and white, but it has some subtle hints of red that adds a nice little pop of color. The shirt is also off-the-shoulder, which gives her look a hint of playfulness and emphasizes that she’s ready for some fun! The drape of her shirt flows and is fun, which gives her outfit another cute detail. I absolutely love how cute and simple her over the shoulder crop is, I might just have to go buy one myself!

Now, the rest of her outfit is all the same color, black. This can be something that makes the outfit lose its effect, but this Fashionista made sure to incorporate it in a way that kept the outfit looking fresh and exciting. The skinny jeans give her a slim, tall silhouette that really makes her look like a rock star. Plus, black skinny jeans are so in right now. Her shoes, while simple, are a very nice touch to this outfit. The heeled booties are a trend that does not go out of style, and they are still comfortable enough to walk in on a night out. The black velvet choker is an extremely hot item right now, because you can wear it with almost any look and you instantly become edgy. Finally, her bag is an amazing detail to the outfit. Not only is it a fabulous bag on its own, but it’s also a Michael Kors. A black MK bag will forever be in style and extremely gorgeous. And it will add a fabulous touch to any look you want to pair it with.