WHAT TO WEAR: Friday After Class Bomber

At Iowa State many students partake in “Friday After Class” or “F.A.C.” for short. Those who are 21 and up go to our local bars for cheap drinks, trivia and popcorn. This Fashionisto is wearing the perfect transition outfit for F.A.C., especially for the colder months of the year.

This Fashionisto did a great job of finding the perfect casual outfit by incorporating two of my favorite trends: bomber jackets and Stan Smith sneakers by adidas.

Bomber jackets are taking over this season and this Polo Ralph Lauren bomber is lightweight, flexible and goes with anything. This Fashionisto went with dark jeans and a dark jacket and used the patterned button-down and Stan Smith’s as accent pieces to lighten it up.

Stan Smith sneakers by adidas are comfortable and go with anything and everything for both men and women. The versatile shoe is typically a flat white color with the iconic, perforated three stripes along the sides. If you’re going for a sporty look, pair them with a pair of joggers and crewneck. If you want a casual-dress look, throw on a white button-down and a pair of dark jeans. You’ll never go wrong in a pair of Stans.

These two trends are universal items that are here to stay for and this Fashionisto’s outfit makes for a great transition from class to the bars and hopefully you’ll have a great night after a stressful week of classes.