May 10th, 2016 at 3:18pm

Rain or shine, people here at Western Washington University definitely know how to dress their best! Campus has been blooming lately with students rocking fresh outfits; whether they’re on their way to a fancy event or even just to go to class. People here really put in time and effort into their daily outfits and with the weather getting nicer, it only gives people even more of a reason to dress up!

This season, I thought what better way to celebrate spring in style than with a little bit of formal wear? This week, I focused more on men’s fashion and spotted this Fashionisto looking pretty snazzy with his bowtie and button-up, ready for a dinner event on campus. I really loved this look because, for one, it looks so effortless and clean but also because of its great color combination. The colors accurately captures the nature-filled Pacific Northwest with the deep emerald green, beige and brown hues.

Sometimes, I envy guys when they get ready because they require much less effort and products yet they still look equally as nice. This look is great for the stylish college student on a budget because it only consists of a solid color button-up shirt, a bowtie, khakis and some sneakers. Overall, this Fashionisto shows that formal events don’t have to be expensive and stressful to dress up for, once you find something you feel good in, you’ll look good too!

One Simple Change: For an even more formal attire, swap the khaki pants for some black slacks, throw on a blazer, a tie and dress shoes and you’ll be good to go!