College is filled with all-nighters in the library, sweaty costume parties and early morning midterms. It’s easy to fall into a uniform of lululemon. Enter formal season, when we can finally be glamorous again. When you exert yourself full force socially and academically all week, everyone deserves a day to treat themselves to beauty appointments and a night to spend with a hot date.

This Fashionista knows what she’s doing. Her event called for a gown, but her top and skirt set matches the formality in an unexpected way. Donning a scarlet red two-piece with just a sliver of skin is a sure fire way to turn heads. The key when choosing a color this bold is keeping the silhouette clean and particularly well-fitted. (Tip: take any bright solids to a tailor before a big night).

The front-facing slit in the skirt creates an elongating illusion, perfect for adding imaginary inches if you’re petite or prefer not to wear heels. The opening also provides a window for showing off killer shoes. Here, our Fashionista has chosen black suede platforms, but strappy sandals or nude open-toed heels would also pair well.

She strategically keeps the attention on her gorgeous face with statement jewelry. The dark stones in her necklace pick up the black from her shoes, ensuring the chunky platforms don’t become too heavy for the look. There is great versatility for accessories in a dress this strikingly simple. If you prefer to show off your collarbone, skip a necklace and go for chandelier earrings. If you have arms like Michelle Obama, go for matching cuff bracelets—but keep them thinner than three inches to avoid looking like Wonder Woman.

One Simple Change:  Finishing the evening with a girl’s night out? Ditch the skirt and add some dark wash jeans and wedges to take the look from ballroom with your date, to dance floor with the girls.