It’s that time of year again! The end of the semester; every college kids’ favorite time because that one event we look most forward to is coming up: formal. The one night we look forward to because it gives us an excuse to dress up, look our best and it’s a fabulously Insta-worthy evening. However, the road leading up to this night is quite challenging.

Not just deciding who to bring, but what to wear! Do you want to cater your outfit to the theme? What style dress do you want to wear? How do you want to wear your hair? The list goes on and on. Thankfully, this stylish Fashionista is here to guide you through your formal preparation.

Rocking a blush pink dress covered in lace, this Fashionista looks awesome for the occasion and better yet, matches the colors of the season! With the dress completely covered in lace, the right amount of texture is added to this outfit and the color of the dress is easy to work with. Throwing on a black leather jacket and strapping on a pair of black platform heels allows this Fashionista to continue looking trendy and cool by giving the outfit edge.

Finishing off the look right, this Fashionista adds a white and rose gold Rebecca Minkoff bag. The bag is more than just something to hold your phone in; it’s a great addition to the look. It’s not just a necessity, but also a stylish accessory. This Fashionista is ready to rock any formal she plans on attending!

One Simple Change: Love this dress so much you want to wear it to a family event? Well, this dress can easily be transformed from edgy and chic to classy, real quick! By throwing on a pair of nude pumps and a statement earring, this dress becomes perfect for a family-friendly occasion!