April 19th, 2016 at 2:00am

With the weather finally getting warmer and the semester quickly coming to an end, many organizations are celebrating spring with formal events. “Formal season” is that time of year where you get to show everyone what you’re made of. When attending formal events like this Fashionista, it is important to keep your look simple but still look your best.

This Fashionista describes her everyday style as “active and comfortable,” yet she was still able to look darling for her sorority’s formal event. She kept her look very simple by wearing a neutral toned dress where the detail focuses more on its unique strappy qualities. Shoes are also a very important part of dressing formally. This Fashionista paired her favorite pair of black pumps with her ensemble to add some more neutrals to the look.

Since this Fashionista typically has a very simple style, she kept the accessories to a minimum. To contrast the nude color of her dress, she added some silver jewelry so that it would stand out as much as possible. Layering just a few bangle bracelets will be enough to give you a classy and put together vibe. Just to add a little bit more accessory flare, this Fashionista found her favorite rings and stacked them together. So, if you’re the type of Fashionista who likes to feel comfortable all day long, formal outfits like this one are perfect for keeping your everyday style present while you’re still able to show off

One Simple Change: Planning on meeting your date’s parents after the event? Just throw a cardigan or sweater on top of the dress. Also, bring a more sensible pair of shoes, such as sandals, for a more comfortable yet formal look.