March 24th, 2016 at 2:00am

One struggle every international student will go through during their first year in the United States, is deciphering the meaning behind American dress codes and maneuvering the dissonance between those of their home countries. Many newly arrived first year students are shocked–no, appalled, by the scandalous realization that Americans wear flip flops, not just for beach settings, but even to class!

Every year, someone goes through the mortifying experience of showing up to a formal sporting a tuxedo with a bow tie, silk cummerbund and dressed to the nines. Yet, he is only to discover that in America, “formal” is code for slacks, a button-down and maybe a blazer if you’re feeling fancy. International students have to learn to be pragmatic; find ways to incorporate elements of our ostentatious styles from home with the more relaxed styles popular on this side of the Atlantic Ocean.

This Turkish Fashionisto has mastered this balancing act to perfection, and it’s right in time for formal season. He has found a phenomenal way to give the monotonous “slacks and blazer” look a stunning European flair. Through strategic color blocking, the Fashionisto is able to introduce another layer of complexity to his look. Simultaneously, it allows him to pull off the bold cardigan and glasses in red without allowing them to become distracting.

Equally important, the interplay of colors is the interplay of differing styles. The combination of the navy blazer on top of the cardigan creates an exciting interaction between sporty and formal. In fact, they complement each other surprisingly well. Upon closer scrutiny, one can see that this Fashionisto is able to achieve this effect because of similarities between the twill weave of the blazer, and the weaving pattern of his cardigan.

Also, this Fashionisto is incorporating undeniable spring vibes with the round shades and his shortened chinos that show off the brown driving loafers–a mandatory Mediterranean staple, which is our version of boat shoes.

One Simple Change: Stayed up past the wee hours of the morning following the formal? Loose the Blazer, unbutton the cardigan and untuck the shirt for a more relaxed “recuperation-brunch” look.