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October 29th, 2015 at 2:07am

Walking across our university’s student center, I always notice the guys dressed in suits. They have a tendency to stand out from the crowds of khaki shorts and oversized T-shirts. Almost everyday you can find someone wearing a classic two button black suit headed to a class presentation or career fair. However, this Fashionisto decided to takes things to a new level.

This Fashionisto pairs a navy double-breast jacket with a light blue button-down. He contrasts those blues by blending with splashes of crimson through his pants, briefcase and plaid tie. He keeps his patterns subtle by allowing only a small part of his plaid tie to show and just a sliver of floral handkerchief to be shown. His double-breasted jacket is a statement in and of itself, so this Fashionisto knows how to keeps things in small doses while still making a powerful statement.

Many of his smaller accessories give personality to this outfit. Yes, any guy can put on a suit, but this Fashionisto took his suit game to a sartorial level by accessorizing with a floral printed handkerchief, wristwatch, tie clip, lapel pin and golden rings.

Making this look oh so “fall forward,” this Fashionisto completed his fall color palette by foregoing the standard black dress shoes and instead going for a pair of tan tassel loafers. This look is absolutely perfect for a formal event in the fall.

This Fashionisto is partnered with Pretty Fly Society, a company that offers a subscription service including personal styling consultations and a monthly accessories package through their Established Gentleman Club. He has a unique style all his own, so check out this Fashionisto’s blog for more style inspiration!

One Simple Change: For a bold winter look, try tweed, flannel and corduroy suits, and pair with a like-colored vest.