With school approaching within the next few weeks, quick to follow will be all of the dances and formal events. Whether it is a homecoming event or a Greek event, everyone wants to look his or her best to dance the night away. Most of the time, the girl is the priority of this type of event, and though this holds some truth, what about the guys? Every guy wants to look just as good as his date, feel confident and dress to impress.

I think the biggest thing to men’s formal apparel is keeping it simple. A Fashionisto can never go wrong with black and white. If you keep those colors in mind and focus on the different cuts and fits of the pieces, any Fashionisto can change up his look and add character to the outfit. A lot of guys, I believe, think they will attract more attention with a crazy tie or bright-colored dress shirt, but taking a step back and “playing it cool” attracts a lot more positive attention than that neon, polka-dotted tie that you want to put on.

This Fashionisto demonstrates the perfect formal look. The look is classic, sophisticated and confident. This Fashionisto stuck to black and white, which matured the look without making it look too old. The Fashionisto is wearing a white Calvin Klein dress shirt, a satin, black Michael Kors tie, black dress pants and black dress shoes. The tie is more on the narrow side for a tie, which adds a more modern, youthful look. This Fashionisto’s pieces of clothing all fit correctly and show off his stature and physique. Like women’s dresses, men also need to make sure dress shirts, pants and ties fit accordingly and are right for their build. When looking for a formal outfit, remember guys that simple is better, and try to work with different cuts and styles.

One Simple Change: By simply switching the dress pant to a kacky and adding a colored tie and a sports coat, this formal look will then be appropriate for an internship. Accessorizing with a watch and loafers versus dress shoes raises the bar even more and will really impress fellow co-workers.