Whether you are going to a wedding, a dinner party or a Greek life event, spring and summer are the seasons for you Fashionistos to bring some color into your menswear wardrobe. Traditional black and gray suits are much too harsh for warmer months. Instead, think indigos, khakis and maybe even some pastel tones if you are comfortable with tapping into your feminine side. This trend has been seen in menswear all over the runway in 2015, from Ralph Lauren to Tom Ford to Dior Homme. Bring this trend from runway to real life by taking a few cues from this featured trendy guy.

For this Fashionisto, blue is the new black. He sported a slim-fit indigo suit, which is essentially thee fit of today in menswear. The suit was paired with a coordinating blue and white gingham button down. The gingham print is a playful ode to the season, making the look not too serious. Don’t be afraid to experiment with patterns in your dress shirts! This is a great place to play with paisleys, plaids or pinstripes. Don’t worry about the pattern being too overpowering—your colorful suit is the standout-piece here, so in the grand scheme of the look your shirt is just a subtle detail. This Fashionista finished his ensemble with a Euro-style skinny gray tie, polishing off the overall classy look.

One Simple Change: Ditch the jacket to take this look from formal to internship-appropriate. Depending on the dress code of your workplace, you could even lose the tie for a professional business-casual look.