Formal is an event that sororities and fraternities look forward to each semester. It is a time when the girls are able to get dressed up and do their hair and makeup. The guys are able to do the same, minus the hair and makeup. The girls wear dresses and the men wear suits. Whether it is the sorority’s formal or the fraternity’s formal, everyone gets dressed up and it is a blast!

This Fashionisto went with a fancy gray suit rather than the typical black suit. Although black suits are fashionable and always safe, do not be afraid to switch it up and wear a gray or even a white suit. You are in college and having fun at formal, so why not have fun with your style as well? This Fashionisto also decided to add shiny black dress shoes along with a royal blue tie.

In my opinion, a blue tie is always the right answer. A black suit, gray suit or white suit could always use a pop of blue from a blue tie. Any shade of blue looks exceptional. He did the right thing by choosing a solid blue tie rather than a patterned tie, because the suit is not completely solid and wearing a patterned tie would be too many patterns. Typically, multiple different patterns work, but for a formal event, I would stay away from that. It could begin to look messy and not put together.

One Simple Change: You are going out to dinner with a girl that you finally asked out. Lose the jacket and tie, and you will be all set. The dress shirt and dress pants will really impress the girl as she walks through the door to meet you.