Once upon a time, I thought my princess moment was prom. I would dress up in a floor length gown that was more beautiful than anything I’d ever owned and dance the night away. That would be the Cinderella moment of my young life. However, college has proven that false. Turns out, prom is every weekend on a college campus. Sororities, fraternities, sports teams and clubs all have their own personal formals that rival those of your senior prom. Weekends in Charleston in tuxedos and gowns steel your memories of limos to your high school gym. Turns out champagne is more glamorous than that punch bowl at the snack counter. So don’t keep those gowns and tuxes at home because you can still get your money’s worth wearing them in college.

We all know what a gown looks like; they come in all shapes and sizes. They allow a girl to have her own personality transformed into one outfit. But what about those Fashionistos? They have one choice when it comes to formal wear: tuxedos. That black on black look is a classic in fashion history, and it’s still the go-to option to look fly at formal. For Fashionistos in formal wear, it’s all about the accessories that make him stand out. Pairing the slacks and jacket with the perfect tie and cummerbund set could take that look to the next level, or maybe some suspenders are more their style. A vest and tie are also nice alternatives. The colors and styles are up for each man to decide for themselves (or for their date to decide for them). Putting the whole look together with these pieces is essential for any college boy; but for the true Fashionistos it’s all in the details. Adding cufflinks, maybe a lapel pin, a pocket square or a pop of color in their socks is what shows off their personal style. Here’s a message to all those college boys out there: don’t be afraid to unleash your inner Fashionisto when it comes to formal. Your date will be proud to wear you on her arm.

 One Simple Change: Have a fancy date night planned? Just change the tuxedo pants to khaki slacks to tone it down a bit but still have that formal flair.