Formal season is finally approaching us. I love just about any excuse that allows me to dress up. Whether you are in a sorority or any organization this means the process of searching for the right dress. If you are like most girls something about dressing up brings about a lot of excitement, but also the stress of wanting to look absolutely stunning. This usually ends up with you looking in all of your friends’ closets and shopping at practically every store in the mall, just to find something that is flawless for the occasion. It’s definitely a huge process before the night of, but who doesn’t love going shopping for something that you know in the end you will look effortless and classy in? Having the perfect dress is always a top priority.

This Fashionista wears a wonderful outfit for any formal occasion! What really caught my attention is her scalloped royal blue shift dress. This dress gives her a perfect simple shape. The scalloping on the trim of this dress adds for an unexpected and cute detail. This Fashionista accessorizes flawlessly by adding a wonderful pop to her outfit with a statement necklace. Her silver floral statement necklace isn’t too overpowering and complements her dress perfectly. Her nude colored flats really allow the royal blue color of her dress to really shine, without adding any unneeded color. She displays an excellent balance between classy, simple and stylish.

When going to a formal you always want to stand out, but that doesn’t necessarily mean wearing tons of accessories or overdressing for the occasion. Sometimes, wearing a super simple dress and one statement accessory gives you the right amount of playfulness to totally make you look fabulous. Definitely dress to impress. Nothing is better than dressing up and giving you a change from your usual day-to-day college attire.

One Simple Change: Want to wear this outfit for a more casual occasion over the weekend? Minimize your accessories by not wearing a statement necklace and switching it out for pearl earrings. Also, pair this dress with an oversized light gray cardigan and cute booties for a more relaxed look.