WHAT TO WEAR: To a Basketball Game

Hello fashion lovers,

Today we are talking sports! No, not the kind of talk of who is your favorite team or who is going to win this year’s World Series. We are talking about what to wear to a basketball game. My Fashionista best friend and I are lucky enough to be able to participate in any sporting event that goes around in Chicago, IL, and we got the chance to attend a Bulls’ game! Even though you are going to a sporting event, never limit yourself to just your classic T-shirt and jeans. You can always elevate your look just by adding something to the look, even if it is something small! We are also lucky enough to be experiencing fall weather here! Nice and cool out, perfect to layer up with!

Let’s get into this ‘slam-dunk’ of an outfit now! Nicole decided to wear (of course) her black and red Bulls’ shirt. The classic shirt was paired with dark denim that had rips in both of the knees. These jeans gave off a much edgier vibe. For shoes, she stuck with a simple tennis shoe, classic adidas. To top off the look, she added a leather jacket and a leather choker. Adding to the edgy look, everything was simple, pairing with mostly black.

When you go to your next sporting event, never limit yourself to just a T-shirt and jeans. You can always add on trendy pieces to elevate the look, yet stay comfortable while supporting your favorite team!