WHAT TO WEAR: Flyin' in Style

February 24th, 2017 at 2:00am
WHAT TO WEAR: Flyin' in Style

Figuring out what to wear at the airport can be difficult. Going through TSA, having to struggle to take off your shoes and other layers in a short amount of time. Having to dress up for the weather at your final destination, without feeling too cold or hot from your departure. Also, sitting in one seat for a long amount of hours can be uncomfortable. But with the right outfit all your problems will be solved.

Lets start with the top of your outfit, your hair. If you have an early flight in the morning and don’t have time to fix your hair or just too lazy, put it up. You can your hair up in a messy bun, braid it or put it in a ponytail. You can also never go wrong with a beanie or daddy cap. Definitely go-to’s for a bad-hair day!

Cardigans and hoodies with pockets are a must! You always need an easy access for you boarding pass, passport and your wallet. No matter if you are a male or female, it’s always a great idea to have pockets part of your outfit. That way you don’t have to struggle to find what you need. Also, hoodies/cardigans are comfortable! The softer the top the more comfortable you’ll be on the plane.

Now, for the bottoms I’d go with a comfortable pair of leggings or sweats. Adidas sweatpants are great! They’re comfy, fashionable, and they have pockets. Sweatpants that are loose with a cuff at the bottom are awesome with any top you choose to wear. Simple or abstract pair of leggings can also go with well any top. Leggings are truly a girl’s best friend because they go great with any outfit and they move great with the movement of any body type.

Shoes can tie a whole outfit together. For the airport, wear a comfort pair of sneakers. No matter what brand they, as long as you can walk fast in them that is all that matters. Also, pick a pair of sneakers you can wear for hours. Heels probably wouldn’t be a great choice, even if they were two inches. Happy feet, happy you!

My girl is cute, comfy and fashionable! She is in a dark green crop hoodie with white strings under a ripped up jean jacket. For the bottoms she is wearing a pair of leggings from Lululemon. For her shoes she is wearing a comfortable pair of olive, pastel pink and white colored Adidas sneakers. She literally topped off her outfit with a pair of black and gold Ray Ban sunglasses with a messy bun.

Don’t stress about what to wear for your next flight, just remember the three D’s. Dress comfy. Dress fashionable. Dress light with pockets. Safe travels!