WHAT TO WEAR: Flawless Final Finish

December 15th, 2016 at 2:00am

As finals begin, many students find it easiest to revert to that one sweatshirt that we all have that is kind of gross and those same leggings that totally aren’t the same ones you have been wearing for a week straight. But this Fashionista takes the staples of fall and makes them her own.

The Bean Boot is a classic staple amongst college women. They are comfortable, versatile and perfect for those rainy days that pop up in this season. Usually used to be dressed down, this Fashionista dresses them up and makes them tres chic. The tan color works perfectly with the colors, and the waterproofing will save her soggy socks in the future.

Her jeans are form fitting but not too tight, highlighting her curves and emphasizing the length of her legs. Tucked perfectly into her boots, her jeans have the perfect level of distress to make the ready for class or for going out after. The color is not too faded so that they look old, but just faded enough so that they appear comfortable and ready to wear everywhere.

Her shirt is just perfect. The color is so lovely, perfectly complementing the trees in the background. Everywhere she goes, this Fashionista is going to coordinate with her surroundings this fall. The fit is flowy to juxtapose her form-fitting jeans, making the outfit overall very comfortable.

Her accessories are what make her outfit. The scarf is a nice addition to the color scheme, with the cream adding just a little extra to the maroon/jean combo. Her necklace is light and whimsical, adding the perfect touch of daintiness to her outfit. Her rings were all meaningful, including her class ring and a Claddagh ring—and her stacked Alex and Ani bracelets are cute and light and perfect for the fall day.

Her makeup is clean and pristine. She keeps her cat eye original and clean with just a black slick, nice lush lashes and clean skin. Her hair is effortlessly curly, yet not frizzy, making it lovely for class time.

This final season, we all want to revert back to our comfiest, oldest, usually least attractive piece of clothing and live in that single thing for a week straight. Instead of doing this, this Fashionista takes her looks to a new level to make her finals flawless.