WHAT TO WEAR: First Signs of Spring

A warm front has graced the frosty Northeast and this can only mean one thing: spring Is near. Now before you break out those high-waisted denim shorts and crop tops, keep in mind that we’re still a few short months away from all day sunshine and 9 o’clock sunsets.

So, keep your outfit reliable without giving up that colorful early spring excitement in your wardrobe. It’s the perfect time of year to break in those favorite new pair of heels you’ve kept buried in the back of your closet all season. Don’t be afraid to strut your confidence with that season changing sparkle in your eye. We all had to tough it through the cold and dreary winter months, so now’s your chance to lose the puffer coat and grab a much lighter alternative.

This Fashionista is the perfect example of what to wear as the weather goes from frigid to sunlit. She pairs classic low-rise distressed denim, with a curve-hugging top. The tie up detailing creates an eye-pleasing point of interest on the gray-toned silhouette. She finished off the outfit with a cozy flannel, guaranteed to warm her up as the temperature begins in to drop in the later hours of the day. Bold platform booties finish off this look, which makes her outfit versatile and street-ready.

While we’re all gleaming with warm weather eagerness, just always remember to stay true to your style and true to yourself. Looking to switch things up and try out a new look? The cusp of a season change Is the perfect moment to shine.