WHAT TO WEAR: First Impressions

Starting a brand new semester is something I always look forward to each year. Although there are always some small annoyances, such as getting into a new schedule and searching hysterically for your class with five minutes until it begins, there are many opportunities to meet new people and learn more of what you are passionate about. When you’re already paying an arm and a leg to go to school, you might as well take advantage of all the awesome opportunities that come with.

Unfortunately, when you go to school in the Midwest, that also means you’re likely to begin the semester bundled up like the abominable snowman. With this kind of weather, fashion often takes a seat to comfort and warmth, but as you only get one chance at first impressions it is important to make it count. Comfortable doesn’t have to mean sweats or leggings. One of the best ways to add stylish comfort to any look is with a pair of denim that as good elasticity. Some of my favorite pairs of jeans feel like I’m wearing pajamas. Once you have the groundwork laid you can opt for a looser top and go from there.

This Fashionista pairs her black denim with a loose, bright flannel top. The ripped knees give the look a simplistic edge without compromising her comfort. Her pointed-toe booties add the perfect finishing touch. Her outfit is simple and understated, but is definitely chic while maintaining both comfort and warmth. This look is sure to give a good impression for your new semester.