WHAT TO WEAR: First Day Back

I know I’m not the only one who dreads going back to school, but that first day back of the new semester always seems like the shortest day you’ll ever have. It’s syllabus week and no one wants to get out of bed just to go over the same policies and codes of conduct we hear every year. On the first day, you want to be as comfortable as possible since it’s usually a quick day. At the start of the spring semester, there is usually snow on the ground, which makes traveling to campus even harder to do.

The best way to be comfortable is in something warm but also trendy. I personally love “lounge wear” not only in the house but outside as well. If I am feeling uncomfortable in my clothes, I am always in a rush to get home and change them. This Fashionista can definitely relate. She is wearing a very warm and casual fleece jacket from The North Face, thick, cozy leggings from Forever 21, a black T-shirt from H&M, and comfortable Hunter rain boots from Nordstrom Rack. Her prescription eyeglasses are not only stylish but versatile, from Tom Ford.

In an effort to still be trendy but also comfortable, I would suggest buying and stocking up on a great pair of black leggings. Once you find the perfect legging, you’ll never want to wear jeans again. Personally, my favorite brand is from Nordstrom BP. because they are really comfortable and they are great even after a couple washes. so for those days you just don’t have any motivation to get up and go to class, make sure you grab your favorite leggings and a cup of coffee!