WHAT TO WEAR: Finessing the Cold

Snow is a rarity for a majority of the states here in the South, but every now and then it stops by to remind us that it is not a force to be reckoned with. At the very beginning of the semester most students’ plans to return to campus were halted due to icy roads and unbearably cold conditions. It’s become almost habit to bundle at the first shiver of cold wind. However, when snow touched campus this past week one student decided that his style would not take a backseat to the weather.

This Fashionisto, a freshman here at A&T went with a much cooler approach to the weather dilemma. Strapped with Adidas runners and an olive bomber, he chose urban simplicity to combat the cold. The subtle camo details from his snow white Adidas NMD’s correlate and almost make up for the lack of army fatigue on his patched bomber.

What’s most prevalent in this Fashionisto’s fit is his use of layers to keep him warm at no expense to his outfit. The biggest challenge faced when creating a winter look is trying to look fierce without giving way to pneumonia and the common cold. Simplistic items such as the plain gray hoodie and fashion staples such as the padded bomber are things that should be in every Fashionsta/o’s closet this winter if he/she is trying to stay warm. Let’s face it, you never know when a storm will brew.