WHAT TO WEAR: Finals Week

It’s the end of the semester, which brings bittersweet feelings to all college students. The holidays are approaching, but we still need to survive a week of finals before opening our presents. For many of us, getting an A would be the best gift of all.

With all our attention focused on studying and finishing assignments, our style often gets put on the back burner. Sweatpants and hoodies become our best friends since they are easy to slip on and off. Some might even roll out of bed and head to class in the pajamas they wore while studying all night.

However, it is still possible to look stylish during finals. This Fashionista is wearing a casual outfit that can quickly be put together. The key is to use dark neutrals with a fun hoodie or jacket on top.

She’s wearing an olive T-shirt tucked into a pair of distressed denim, which always adds an edgy vibe to an outfit. They are my favorite item to throw on when I’m in a rush and still want to look good. I’d usually pair them with a pair of ankle boots, but sneakers are a better choice for running around campus. You know you need to get to the library early during finals week if you want to get a good spot! Her oversized vintage windbreaker was my favorite part of this outfit because it added a pop of color and looked really comfortable. She admitted to stealing this one from her dad.

Overall, this Fashionista looked really casual and comfy so I’d definitely be ready to crush finals in this fit.