WHAT TO WEAR: Finals Fab

Finals are finally here! As we come towards the end of our semesters, do you find yourself completely exhausted trying to study long hours at night? I found this Fashionista who had the ability to balance her long nights of studying and still managed to get up in the morning and look fab with this effortless look.

Studying for finals can cause a bad habit of not caring what you look like the next day. This style involves an oversized scarf, off-the-shoulder sweater, basic denim jeans and black booties. An oversized top/scarf is the perfect look for the day of finals after a long night in the library. Not only is it super comfortable to take your final in but you can wear it with just about anything. From leggings to jeans whatever you are most comfortable in will be the best option.

Going into her finals fabulous, this Fashionista has shown that you can wear an oversized scarf to fit your comfy needs. If you have a pair of basic color booties it can give your outfit more of a second look, causing it to seem like you actually put some effort into your outfit, but you did not!

Finals week is a hard week and getting ready to go to class and to take a final can really help your self esteem during the most stressful week of the semester. With a look like this, you can really boost your mood and remember that you got this and this is what you have been working all semester for! Stay beautiful and have a fabulous finals week!