WHAT TO WEAR: Finals Edition

As the semester winds down, the weather gets colder and finals suddenly appear without warning. Suddenly sleep isn’t a thing, showers, sad to say, are rare and long nights in the library are without a doubt guaranteed. It is easy to fall in a “finals slump,” nothing matters anymore but grades. Who cares about putting together a cute outfit and putting makeup on, you’ve got bigger things to worry about at this point? Sweats, tights and a bare face become a staple. I will admit there wasn’t too much inspiration these last couple of weeks on campus, but through the messy top knots and Nike slides, I spotted a Fashionista sporting the perfect look for finals when wanting to stay cute but also be comfortable at the same time.

What I love about this Fashionista’s outfit is that it is so simplistic, essentially it is jeans and a T-shirt. What differentiates this outfit, though, from regular jean and T-shirts outfits is that the shirt has a dope graphic on it: “Living Proof.” I mean, what is a better slogan during finals week? The jeans are cut at the knee and frayed perfectly adding that extra little detail that makes the outfit pop that much more. A trend that I see every fall/winter are pointed ankle boots and I am absolutely obsessed. When I saw this Fashionista had them on, I was drawn to her even more, when she told me they were from Zara, I knew we were immediately going to be good friends. I love how this Fashionista finishes her look off with a classic leather jacket that has really cool hardware that makes it different from most leather jackets I have spotted around town lately.

Next semester I will definitely put away my sweats and challenge myself to put together a cute outfit such as this Fashionista’s during finals week.