A wise Fashionista once said, “you are what you wear.” I know it sounds silly, but the only way I can ace my finals is by wearing my very best. I will wake up extra early before an exam, just to make sure I look great for my presentations. The extra time allows me to collect my thoughts, study and get ready with a calm and clear mind. When you look your best, you feel your best. Especially during finals when everything can seem like a stressful, dark cloud, having confidence in your appearance can be all the motivation you need to pass those exams with flying colors.

There are three main things to think about when dressing for finals.

This first thing is to always place comfort first. Finals can be painfully long so you want to make sure that your outfit can withstand the long hours. Secondly, you want to think in layers. Sometimes exam rooms can get extremely cold, other times they can be burning hot so you want to have the freedom to add or take off layers while you are earning those A’s. Last but not least, wear something you love. Looking down at your clothes and knowing that you have on your favorite jeans or your favorite jacket can bring comfort during a stressful test.

This Fashionista came prepared to win in one of her favorite looks. What I loved about her ensemble is how put together and fun her look is. Again, finals can be pretty dull so don’t be afraid to brighten your day with color like this Fashionista did. She began her outfit with a navy blue polka dot button-down shirt, which she paired with her midi length plaid skirt. By mixing and matching colors for her skirt, she was able to avoid being predictable with a solid neutral shirt. She kept her accessories bold, too. She wore red heels, which added a great pop of color to her overall look. Then she wrapped up her entire outfit with a navy bow in her hair.

Finals are definitely a struggle, but take a note from this Fashionista, and don’t forget to add a little fun to your day.