May 16th, 2016 at 2:10am

Stress always finds a way to creep into our lives. Before we know it, it starts to crawl under our skin, wrap its claws around our brains and wear out our hearts. This leaves us with killer breakouts, unpredictable mood swings and a loss of motivation that always feels so hard to get back. When finals week comes around, this is the position that a lot of us get stuck in. We start worrying about how to balance studying for back to back exams, which count for half of our semester grade, while also balancing a work schedule and wondering how to fit in time to see all our friends one last time before people start flying home.

At a time like this, we need all the help we can get when trying to keep the stress to a minimum. This Fashionista knows exactly what to do. With a comfy, yet stylish look like this, she can feel confident any day during the hectic week of finals. She took very loose, easy to slip on, clothing, like her pants, cardigan and shoes, and jazzed them up with some fun patterns and jewelry. Pairing patterns, like mandalas and elephants, with textures, like the lace on her shoes and the fringe on her bag, creates the perfect laid back, hippie vibe to fight off her stress. Her multiple, mixed and matched rings along with her ohm sign choker add a yoga-inspired presence to the look. She then tops off her ensemble with a fishtail braid, which is an effortless hairstyle that looks very intricate. This means she can keep the hair out of her face when studying, as well as impress all the other souls in the library. An effortlessly fun look like this lessens the stress of such a chaotic week.

One Simple Change: Swap the crop top for a sports bra and drop the fringe bag for a yoga mat. With these changes you will be ready for the perfect yoga workout to melt the stress of finals away!