June 16th, 2016 at 2:00am

Although many of you Fashionistas/os are already reveling in the beauty of summer, those of us on the quarter system have to stick around our campus for a few extra weeks. So while you may be soaking up the sun on the beach, chances are the students of UCLA are cooped up in the library studying our days away preparing for what is arguably the worst part of college: finals. On the quarter system, the weeks have a tendency to tick by like seconds on a clock; then, before you know it you may be faced with a test that will make or break your grade. However, fear not! With enough studying and the right outfit, there’s nothing you can’t accomplish.

This Fashionista is doing finals fashion the right way! Just because you have school to focus on doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your own personal style. Distressed boyfriend jeans and a knit sweater are the perfect way to stay comfortable when taking a test while still looking trendy. In case your professor decides to blast the air conditioning in the testing room, the flannel tied around the waist not only pairs great with this laid back look, but it serves as an extra layer to throw on, just in case.

Missed your alarm and only have minutes before the start of your final? Well, thank goodness for baseball hats and sneakers! Throwing on a baseball hat that reps your school will save you time getting ready and hide any bed head you may not have time to style. Not only are sneakers majorly trendy right now, but they are also conducive to speed walking across campus so you can make it to your test on time. You’re going to ace your finals in no time at all!

One Simple Change: Finals aren’t the only thing happening at the end of the school year. Maybe you have one last sisterhood or philanthropy event with your sorority. In this case, just switch out the knit swear for a spirit jersey or your favorite tank top with your letters and you’re good to go.