June 15th, 2016 at 2:10am

Well Bruins, I’m saddened to say that the time has come. Our spring quarter was cut too short (as is usually the case), the fun has been had and the week we all collectively dread has arrived. Yes, it’s Finals Week (cue the dun-dun-dun sound as you cross the threshold into the library, unsure of how long you’ll stay). Sit down, buckle up and get ready for the next few days of the emotional rollercoaster that is bound the ensue. One thing not to fret about, though? What to wear of course, CollegeFashionista has got you covered.

You’ve heard it a million times before—”dress for success!”—and yet during the three times a year where you all but set up temporary housing in the library, looking put together is the last thing on your mind. I’m here to tell you that there is always a happy middle ground to be had between full-on business casual and letting your classmates know you truly did wake up like this (not ideal, by the way).

Take this Fashionista’s ease of wearing her favorite striped t-shirt and perfectly slouchy and distressed jeans and incorporate it into your finals week ensemble. Her bootie heels are still manageable to walk across campus in and add just the confidence boost she needs to get her through the week’s emotional and mental hardships. Finally, an appropriately collegiate canvas tote and a few charming rings add a touch of lived-in personality. As for her makeup look? She kept it simple and allowed her glowing skin to take center stage, adding a berry lip to top it off. Take note, Fashionistas! This is how you manage a comfortable yet cute look while managing a full workload of exams, papers and presentations.

One Simple Change: Swap the striped shirt for a an off-the-shoulder top and you’re weekend wear ready to go for much needed post-finals retail therapy.