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December 28th, 2015 at 2:07am

It is finals season here at Parsons, and everyone is in a rush. The stress levels are high, students are cramming in their last minute art projects and copious amounts of coffee are being consumed. Finals at art school differ from regular colleges because students work on their final projects from the beginning of December till their last day before Winter break. Not only do art students need to hand in their projects, but also we must present and critique them in front of the class. In general, finals at Parsons becomes an overwhelming weight that carries us throughout the month. It not only affects the way we feel, but the way we dress. I know I have wanted to go to my studio class the next day wearing sweatpants and a T-shirt but at the same time feel fashion trendy and composed.

I spotted this Fashionista on her way to her one of her final presentations looking classy and comfortable. Often I think of light-colored clothing as a way to mask my tired self, yet this Fashionista’s dark color palette proves otherwise. Although she mainly wears black, this Fashionista still looks aesthetically pleasing and put together.  She wears a classy black dress and pairs it with a red acid-wash jacket to give this look some warmth and add pop of color to the mainly black attire, but the velvet fabric helps give this Fashionista a soft and relaxed feel. Also, this look adds leather boots and stockings with a vine design laced around to help emphasize this elegant outfit and also keep her legs warm for the cold. To top it off, this Fashionista accessorizes with rustic jewelry such as her silver and gold rings and gold necklace with a tiny red gem in the center of the pendent. Overall, this look helps take away the drag of finals and allows this Fashionista to be ready to take on her presentations in a comfortable manner.

One Simple Change: To help give this look more comfort and warmth for the cold winter breeze and for calming the tensions from finals, swap the lace leggings for high-knee knit socks. They still give this look a classy feel yet at the same time still make your tired legs feel warm and cozy.