December 11th, 2015 at 2:00am

Fashionistas and Fashionistos, I have a confession for you. I enjoy sleeping late. I also enjoy snuggling deeper into my piles of pillows and blankets with every blistering blare of my alarm and its subsequent snooze warnings, especially as finals roll around. This habit has stripped me of my makeup routine and sometimes, my outfits. Rushing out the door has even landed me in the Emergency Room. That’s a story for another day. As college students, I assume many of you also share this same struggle—the oversleeping one, that is. I know that I can definitely take a couple of cues from the always stylish fashion majors on Kent State University’s campus for looking cute when you’re in a rush. The biggest tip in this case? Basics are beautiful, especially with something bold, like a vampy burgundy lip color.

Many people fear simple pieces. Boxy shapes and neutral colors are terrifying for some (I went through a very long anti—gray phase about three years ago). While there is a special excitement in trendy pieces with eye-catching colors, there is an understated bit of charm in basic separates. Many famous designers, Coco Chanel, most notably, based their careers off of beautifully tailored styles with clean lines and blanched colors of impeccable quality and tailoring. What can be learned from this? Basics have a place in everyone’s closet, especially on days when your dream about Ryan Gosling went on for just a little too long.

The key with this cozy trend is making sure that the fit looks right on your body. Oversized pieces are very popular currently and look wonderful when worn over snug leggings and boots.  Making a bold statement with your beauty look is what brings it all together (and fools people into thinking you put some extra time into getting ready in the morning). I love swiping on a deep purple lipstick before I head out the door. When my lips are super bold, it’s easier to get away without any other makeup. If you have a little extra time, a cat eye would look perfect, too! Whatever you do and no matter when you roll out of bed, greet the day with a smile. At the end of it all, it’s the simplest trend you can rock and it’s always in style!

One Simple Change: What comes after finals? An escape from campus, of course! No matter how far you’re traveling, swap out your leggings for a pair of joggers. They instantly elevate your look and feel a bit more sophisticated. Plus, they’re still super comfortable! This pair is super cozy and has a beautiful silhouette and design details.