November 16th, 2015 at 2:00am

Who says taking exams can’t be fun? This Fashionista shows that exams don’t have to take all the fun out of your life. Everyone knows the basic finals wardrobe: sweats. But it doesn’t have to be this way. You can maximize comfort while still looking great. College life is stressful, but what you wear doesn’t have to be. The semester is ending and their isn’t much time to put thought and energy into anything but passing those exams.

This Fashionista achieves her look with a black and white patterned top. This is the right way to add some fun into your look. Denim jeans are the maximum for comfort and everyone owns a pair. Probably the most important detail is the shoes. These flats are perfect for finals because your feet will stay warm and you can walk comfortably around campus without worry. As for accessories, this Fashionista does it right by minimizing the amount of jewelry. It can be distracting! There’s nothing worse than the jangle of bracelets and necklaces in a room full of silence. Stick with a simple watch so that you know how much time you have left in your exams and especially, when they’re over. The best method to rock those finals? Dress for success! Oh, and study!

One Simple Change: You’ve just finished your exams, but you have an interview to go to. Simply exchange the jeans for a pencil skirt or dress pants and you’re ready! You will still look professional, with a touch of flair and personality from your printed top. You’re a guaranteed hire.