I’m sure you all know that finals week is by far the most stressful part of the semester. Some finals may be easier than others, but this is the last chance to show your professors you deserve to pass the course. Talk about pressure! Fear not Fashionistas and Fashionistos, even though there’s no way to dodge exams you can reduce the stress by going into finals with comfortable garments.

Fashionistos, basketball shorts and a tank top is appropriate for hot weather. The good thing about this choice would be that you can hit the basketball court after an exam to relieve stress. A good way to finish off your sporty look would be by pairing it with a nice pair of Air Jordans or even some adidas flip flops.

Fashionistas, the workout clothes could work for you as well. However, I understand most of us aren’t as sporty as the guys. Therefore, a good alternative would be to swap shorts for leggings/tights and the tank top for a light T-shirt. This is when our accessories are become vital to your look. This week’s Fashionista has chosen to pair a light T-shirt and leggings with a pastel purple purse to complete her look. Also, she added a simple beaded necklace to further express her individuality.

One Simple Change: The best part about simplistic looks is that they’re versatile for any occasion. If our Fashionista were to replace her T-shirt for a spaghetti strap blouse and her flip flops for heels, she would be ready for a girl’s night out.