Summer terms in university are great for three reasons. There is great weather (for the most part), a flexible schedule and the classes go by so fast. Just yesterday it seemed as though summer classes had started, and everyone was groaning about how they were going to miss essential Florida sun time while stuck at a desk for a couple of hours every Monday through Friday. Yet here we are, all of that groaning having been dissipated and welcoming a new groan—finals week. Strozier Library is overflowing with studious students, as well as this Fashionista. While many would argue that this isn’t the time to be focusing on what you’re wearing, she found a quick way to look good while still remaining functionally comfortable for this dreaded occasion.

T-shirt dresses have become a staple around Tallahassee this summer, and one that I thoroughly recommend. They provide all of the satisfaction of wearing your favorite billowing cotton T-shirt with the additional perk of not having to wear pants—and, let’s be honest, no one truly likes wearing real pants. While many of these dresses remain true to the same structure of a standard T-shirt, like the one seen on Urban Outfitters here, this Fashionista’s version of the look struck me because of its interesting hemline. Its lack of sleeves is perfect for this late summer weather, especially if you were to study outside. However, its light and soft fabric paired with its flowing oversized cut is also ideal when thinking about having to take a multiple hour final exam seated in an uncomfortable desk chair.

Overall, I loved how simple yet edgy she kept her look. By choosing black Converse over the traditional sandal or bootie, she played up the casual nature of the dress. Aviator sunglasses in combination with her light jewelry also added to the playfulness of the outfit, while allowing her to radiate a slight cool vibe which could only help to build confidence for a final exam. Remember, one of the most important keys to test taking is a positive mindset going in. What is a better way to brighten your attitude than a fun, yet comfy, outfit?

One Simple Change: Another amazing quality of T-shirt dresses is how versatile they are. Throw them on over a bathing suit with some gladiator sandals for a vacation to the beach, or wear them under a blazer with a small heeled booties for an interview. They can be dressed up or dressed down, feel free to mix it up!