Let the coffee binge commence! As you wrap up the first session of summer classes, you find yourselves drinking endless amounts of caffeine in preparation for finals week. The library soon becomes your home and each day fuses into the next as you ceaselessly pull all-nighters to catch yet another sunrise following your overnight stay on campus. If you’re fortunate enough, you’ll find time to catch some Z’s before the big test—only to dream of math equations and recite a few chemical formulas in your sleep. Before you know it, the big day has arrived and the last thing running through your mind is how to channel your inner Fashionista on exam day.

First and foremost, I advise you to take a deep breath. Consider the 15 minutes it takes to get ready as a short break from the overbearing stress. They say when you look good, you feel good, so keep this in mind as it may play a big factor on how you perform on your exam. For this reason, put aside a little extra time to ensure the additional confident boost.

This Fashionista accepted the challenge with a relaxed approach. When it comes to getting ready for a two hour exam, comfort is the main goal, which is what opted her to settle for a T-shirt dress. These free-flowing dresses are highly versatile and make a perfect go-to for any occasion. In this case, she decided to pair the dress with classic Chuck Taylors so she can properly endure the long walk to class. She also threw on a jean button-down over her waist in anticipation for frigid classroom temperatures.

One Simple Change: Planning on heading to the beach after your last final? Ditch the jean button-down and trade the Converse for a pair of sandals. All that’s left to do is swap everything in that backpack for beach necessities, such as bathing suits, sunscreen and a towel!