It’s the end of the year, it’s basically the Sahara outside and we’re ready to be done but until we all go our separate ways; it’s finals week. Everyone pines for the beginning of summer and the end of school, yet at the same time dreading what the end of the term brings. Making new friends, new experiences and of course learning new things in class, this year’s been a good one but it’s coming to an end and the heat isn’t making it easy to get through this dreadful time. I can’t complain about ending the year with 90 plus degree weather but dorm rooms don’t exactly come with air conditioning which can make beating the heat rough and studying even rougher.

This Fashionista utilized her loose clothing to keep her cool and comfortable. She’s wearing a loose, open-back black tank top with flowy, slightly high-waisted shorts. Her relaxed fit pieces not only help beat the heat but give off a peaceful aura as well. She paired them with white, platform sandals and a gold Nixon watch; she elevates her look with minimalistic but important pieces that add a modern vibe and touch of class. In this environment of high stress and even higher temperatures, she finishes off her outfit with a topknot to keep cool and a natural face.

One Simple Change: Tuck in your loose tank and layer some jewelry to create a more sophisticated and diverse look. Now not only can you ace those exams, but go out to dinner or out on the town with some friends. This look transforms from a comfy outfit to study in into an outfit to wear out with some besties to your favorite restaurant. It’s adaptability and wear-ability make it a key choice in dressing for finals and for summer.