With the quarter swiftly coming to a close, the last thing on our minds is looking presentable to morning class and late night study sessions. By finals week, it becomes the campus norm to wear the same thing you wore to bed to class. It is a time when everyone’s fashion sense becomes universal—school hoodie and some sweatpants. Thus, by this time of the year, it is rather a mission to sight anyone looking at all put together for school. So when I stumbled upon this Fashionisto, I could not have been more impressed. His look was nothing fancy—just a monochrome gray button-down shirt underneath a neutral color crewneck sweater. In other words, this Fashionisto is a prime example of how one can stay chic and trendy even when finals season is in full swing.

By styling his outfit around monochrome and neutral color schemes, this Fashionisto achieves a simple yet put together look. With that being said, his colorful snapback is definitely a statement piece. It adds the perfect amount of vibrancy to his otherwise toned down outfit. At times, wearing a bright article of clothing on a gloomy or stressful day can brighten up your mood and make your day more bearable. After all, your happiness is what you make it, right?

One Simple Change: We all know what you’re truly hiding under your snapback—bed hair! Just by styling your hair differently, you can give off slick vibes. Also, sneakers are perfect for stomping around campus, but you can definitely dress up this look by throwing on a pair of nice dress shoes. With these simple alterations, you can transform a casual look into a more professional one, perfect for a presentation or a job or internship interview!