July 10th, 2015 at 2:00am

When sweatpants are worn just by every student and invade a college campus, it can mean only one thing: finals have arrived. Students move franticly around campus, cramming weeks of study material, showing multiple signs of sleep deprivation and making hourly trips to local coffee bars. Who can blame them, especially during a summer semester where classes are completed within two months and the sun reaches a peak of 98 degrees Fahrenheit. But there are those, who against all odds, are able to keep all things fashionable. Luckily it is my job to capture and write about it as a Style Guru. I caught this Fashionista heading her way over to a final. What specifically grabbed me was the fact that she dressed head to toe in black and looked comfortable, which is key to dressing for finals.

Decked out in JCPenney and vintage clothing, this Fashionista is applying a darker approach to floral prints. With vibrant colors popping from the background, these lace floral shorts speak for themselves. This Fashionista did right by pairing them with a  sleeveless, sheer black lace top and a black and white stripped spaghetti strap that allows her to be both mobile and comfortable. She finishes everything off with a pair of gladiator sandals in a light rose gold and a messy bun. This Fashionista is ready to conquer her finals in style.

One Simple Change: Want to head out with your boyfriend and celebrate the end of finals? Perhaps head downtown Denton for a concert? Switch out your shorts for a pair of ankle length jeans and a pair of wedge sandals.