Finals—the word every college student dreads to hear, but the arrival is inevitable. We all have to go through them, and it can be hard to prevent them from getting us down. Sometimes this weighs upon one’s style. But all we want is something comfy and easy to throw on, which can result in some truly disastrous outfits.

However, this Fashionista provides a solution to the problem of being comfortably fashionable. The most essential part of this outfit is the pair of loose fitting ripped jeans. Ripped jeans are all the rage right now, and the loose fit allows for a relaxed feel. Sitting through a final in pants that are too tight or uncomfortable only serves to make finals that much more stressful, which is something none of us want!

She puts the finishing touch on her cozy look by throwing on a warm cardigan over a basic black T-shirt. It is always good to take a sweater of some sort to finals, as the temperature of the room is generally unpredictable. Cardigans are perfect for this, as they are easy to slip off if need be in a crowded room.

One Simple Change: As we are nearing the beginning of summer, the weather during finals week is likely to be a bit steamier. The only thing that would make this outfit even comfier for the summer is swapping out the booties for a simple pair of sandals. This maintains the stylish feel while allowing yourself to transition into summer!