The season of finals comes twice a year, and it is always harder to study for exams with warm weather brewing outside the window. For Fashionista/os on campus during spring finals, the question becomes what to wear to study: something comfortable or something fashion forward? This debate can be settled with combining both comfortable and fashionable elements in a casual daywear look. Since most Fashionista/os on campus will be stuck in libraries without seeing a spring day during a stressful week, it’s always good to keep a balance between the comfort of studying with style. Combining the two allows a Fashionista/o to be prepared for any post-final celebratory events before hitting the books again for another final.

This Fashionisto was studying for four exams this week and perfectly harnessed a balance between study comfort and spring fashion. His look sits on the line between being fashion forward and casual by combining a simple striped sweater with khaki shorts. The fashion forward line this Fashionisto crosses is with his fun pair of shoes. A tie-dyed design of blue, green, white and yellow, these shoes bring together a look that would normally read as casually comfortable. The addition of the shoes elevate the overall look to fashion forward during a rough week of studying.

When dressing for finals week, follow this Fashionisto’s methods by balancing between study comfort and fashion forward. Instead of dressing strictly for comfort while stuck inside libraries, add a touch of style with accessories. Whether it be a fun pair of shoes, a scarf or brightly colored shorts, adding a little flavor can lighten the mood of studying.

One Simple Change: The hardest exam is over, and you decide to go out for dinner with classmates, celebrating the end of the year. Dress up a study casual look with a cardigan for warmth on cooler spring evenings.