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During finals week, you can sense the anxiety and the tension around campus. It is a very hectic week filled with “goodbyes” to the friends that are graduating, “see you laters” to the friends that you will see again in the fall and those exams that will either bring up or bring down your GPA. It can be hard to plan out an amazing outfit when you are stressed out with studying, but dressing up can really help daily performances.

This outfit is the epitome of perfection for finals week. It is something that is really trendy, but is also comfortable. Comfort is key when it comes to sitting in a room for two hours filling out a scantron. This outfit also works out if you have a presentation to make; it is not ostentatious so everyone won’t be focusing on your outfit but on what you’re saying.

On this breezy spring morning, this Fashionista opted to wear a tan maxi skirt paired elegantly with a long sleeved white fuzzy crop top. This Fashionista finishes of the look with a pair of black high heeled ankle booties. Overall, this look is effortless and minimalistic but also very chic. It will look amazing in those Instagram pictures everyone will be taking, celebrating the end of the semester.

One Simple Change: Lets say that you were invited to a graduation ceremony, a great way to add some color to this minimalistic outfit is by adding a statement necklace and a black belt to match the boots.