The end of a long year is upon us here at the University of Rhode Island. Classes are finally over and it is one big showing of The Hunger Games at the library on campus. You are one lucky student if you can even find a single table. Every table is filled with students hoping to pass their finals. Just because you may be pulling an all nighter at the library, doesn’t mean you can’t do it in style!

This Fashionista showed up at the library dressed to kill. She knew she was going to be stuck in there all day, so she might as well stay trendy yet comfy. Motivation comes from within and when dressed like a bum, motivation only drops, at least for me. The weather has been beautiful here in Rhode Island lately, which you can definitely tell by the ensemble she chose. She is wearing a black and white printed romper with a maroon cardigan on top. The way she paired maroon with all-black was a great contrast. For shoes, she chose to throw on black strappy sandals. To complete her outfit, she is carrying a black bag with silver details. The black accessories paired with this outfit work perfectly. Her outfit is super stylish yet comfortable enough to be able to sit in the awful library chairs for hours on end.

One Simple Change: This Fashionista can easily change up some pieces in her outfit and be ready for a girl’s night out. She can swap her cardigan for a black blazer and throw on some killer accessories. If she was going somewhere super fancy, she can even throw on a pair of black pumps. With these simple changes, she is ready for a night out on the town.