Well folks, it’s our favorite time of the year again: finals. Finals week calls for a different dress code, one we might not normally wear so much at any other time of the semester. Because it’s finals time, it is more than acceptable.

Now, just because it’s finals week and we won’t be dressing up to the nines for exams, that doesn’t mean we can’t make ourselves look a little put together when we go out in public. There is a science to making outfit choices that are just comfortable and easy but look like you haven’t actually been sitting at the same table in the library for the last ten hours and still haven’t finished that study guide.

This Fashionista has that science down to a tee, and it’s all very easy, something anyone can do. I think the key piece to this outfit is the killer yoga pants. Every girl owns at least one pair of yoga pants, but it’s important to invest in a really great pair. A pair that fits you well is comfortable (obviously), preferably all-black to match whatever you pair it with and one that is a nicer quality that won’t rip and tear quickly.

What really makes this ensemble not your average study go-to is the killer off the shoulder graphic T-shirt. The graphics on the T-shirt make it a little more interesting, and the exposed shoulder makes it more appealing to look at than a ragged, old T-shirt from that week you spent on the soccer team in high school.

Finally, let’s talk about shoes. Flip flops are obviously the go-to down here, but one staple that seems to be a requirement for every UT student’s wardrobe is these Rainbow sandals. These leather sandals not only last forever but are also incredibly comfortable and great for busy days when any other pair of flip flops would leave your feet aching. After all, finals is all about comfort, right?

One Simple Change: Taking a break from the library to go to a casual lunch with friends to celebrate your last week of school? Trade in the yoga pants for a pair of high-waisted denim cut-offs, and you’ll be ready to go.