With the school year coming to a close and the weather warming up dramatically, it’s time to break out the short shorts and your favorite skirts. The time has also come to the most stressful point in the semester where all you want, or rather need, to do is be in the library studying for your too soon finals.

This Fashionista shows us how to study in style. She sports the loveliest combination of eclectic prints and color. Her plaid skirt scream school girl, perfect for a long school day followed by late night hours in the library. The plaid skirt is youthful and feminine yet is drastically updated with the bright pairing of the loose red blouse and the rugged denim jacket.

The entire ensemble is approachable and functional. There are levels of comfort built into it with the fit of the skirt and the shape of the blouse, yet there is a cohesive, put together manner about the entire outfit. It is laid back yet dressy, perfect for being lazy without looking sloppy.

Her ballet flats are very reminiscent of actual dancing shoes and make the look girly and feminine, with a little bit of edge. The black color is unexpected for such a delicate shoe and pair nicely with the color scheme of the plaid skirt. Lastly, her tortoise shell glasses work beautifully to polish off the look, making it smart and trendy.

Take a page from her notebook, because this lady is slaying her finals in fashion.

One Simple Change: Ditch the school girl look for a pair of fitted black pants or leggings to dress up the outfit for a day to night look, perfect for a study date or a night out at the local bar.