It’s finally the end of the semester. The only thing that is stopping you from carefree summer is dreaded finals week. That means drowning your sorrows in an infinite amount of coffee, all-nighters at the library and of course even more stress. Wearing a not-so-great outfit always seems tempting at this point in the semester. Who says being stylish isn’t comfortable?

This Fashionista shows exactly not only how to be cute and fashionable, but also comfy during finals week. For the base of her outfit she wears a light gray loose-fitting turtleneck paired with slight acid-washed jeans. By wearing a loose-fitting top she stays relaxed for studying and/or taking her upcoming exams. She pairs this with a wonderful oversized, military style jacket, which is perfect layering for when the library gets a little too cold. My favorite part of this Fashionista’s whole outfit is her turquoise earrings. She also wears red lipstick that leaves her looking flawless and adding an unexpected twist. With this outfit she is left looking completely confident for her finals!

During finals week the last thing that’s on your mind is to plan out a cute outfit when you want to do well on your upcoming exams. But don’t fret, set aside a little time in the beginning of the week to plan your outfits. Keep your outfits simple, stylish and comfortable, like this Fashionista. Some possible outfit ideas include maybe pairing a T-shirt with a bright pair of ballet flats and ripped jeans, or adding pops of colors to your outfit with accessories. This way you aren’t rushing around in the morning and aren’t tempted to wear old high school T-shirts or oversized sweatpants. Just because it is finals week doesn’t mean you have to stop looking fashionable!

One Simple Change: Swap out jeans for leggings and pair this outfit with a cute pair of ballet flats, for an even more comfortable and stylish outfit for the countless hours of studying at the library.