Here’s to finals week which is just around the corner! Whether you’re taking your finals this week or next week, feeling stressed will become a reality quickly. From preparing for exams or putting finishing touches on portfolios, there is so much to worry about that one’s appearance often goes by the wayside. After pulling an all-nighter to study, there is no judgment when you rush into the final wearing less than your best. If anything there is understanding among the classmates who have been there. But there are tricks to looking put together so a Fashionista can walk into her exam with effortless style.

The first tip is to keep the majority of your outfit in a neutral color. This Fashionista accomplishes this with her black leather leggings and black tank top. Also the leggings are perfect for wearing to exams as they are so comfortable.

The second is to incorporate some layers. With her jean jacket and black and gray flannel tied around her waist, this Fashionista layers with ease. This is probably the one component of the look that makes it appear as though you put more effort into your outfit than you actually did.

Lastly, carry a classic tote. Forget your backpack; classes are over. Pull out that adorable tote you bought over the semester but didn’t want to ruin with the weight of your books. A final is the perfect occasion to use a tote as you usually don’t have to carry much to the exam. This Fashionista’s black leather tote is adorable and very versatile. Paired with this casual outfit it’s dressed down but with a more formal look it could come across as elegant.

Try out these tips and slip into some running shoes for more comfort as you are walking to class.

One Simple Change: After finishing all your finals, transition into the weekend with this look: trade the jean jacket and top for a comfy sweater that’s light enough so you don’t get hot and thick enough so you don’t get cold. With this change you are ready to run errands, pack up your dorm room or travel as you head back home.