May 4th, 2015 at 2:10am

Finals are upon us and for many people, that means long hours spent cooped up in the library and few hours of sleep. Getting dressed up may be the last thing you want to do when you’re spending the day studying, but you don’t have to sacrifice all your style. I always feel more productive and more confident when I take the extra five minutes to put myself together and it can make a big difference in my studying. This Fashionisto had the ideal comfortable and cool look for studying.

Layering is important if you’re going to spend a day inside studying because in my experience, the buildings can change temperature by the hour. This Fashionisto wore a colorful, light jacket to keep warm in the air-conditioned buildings while also adding a retro vibe to his outfit. A colorful zip-up windbreaker is a great way to brighten up a look with minimal effort. This style is back again from the ’90s so one can easily be found at a secondhand store, like this student’s jacket from Buffalo Exchange.

Under the jacket this Fashionisto wore an eye-catching graphic T-shirt. Graphic T-shirts are one of the easiest ways to show off your personal style because they can feature anything from your favorite band or sports team to a unique design or quote. While I’d normally advocate against sweatpants, finals is an acceptable time to break them out. If you’re dying to wear sweatpants try fleece shorts like this student and make sure the rest of your outfit looks put together. This Fashionisto was able to mix the comfort of sweatpants with his unique style; the perfect combination for finals.

Accessorize your T-shirt and zip-up combination with a cool snapback hat, a nice watch and your favorite pair of sneakers for a laid-back, but stylish look.

One Simple Change: Headed to the gym for a study break? Swap out your graphic T-shirt for a sleeveless jersey or tank top for a quick change giving your more time for your workout.