May 1st, 2015 at 2:00am

It is that dreaded time of year again—finals. In order to prepare for the countless hours of studying, the stress of cramming a semester’s worth of information into your brain and the days and nights spent in the library, one needs to dress appropriately. Check out this studious Fashionista who I caught studying for her next exam. Her outfit is the ultimate comfortable look that can be worn all day to study.

The first step to achieving this cozy look is to slip on a pair of skinny yoga pants. Everyone knows yoga pants are an essential lounging article of clothing and match almost anything. This Fashionista spruced up the yoga pants by adding some high gray socks and a classic pair of Steve Madden combat boots to stomp out each final, figuratively of course.

Moving to the top of the outfit, one can see how this Fashionista kept with the comfortable clothing theme. Pairing a simple, off the shoulder, gray Express sweater with the black yoga pants and gray socks perfectly brings together the top and bottom of the outfit. Then, to add a pop of color to the look, this Fashionista styled a light blue and white scarf from everyone’s favorite store, Target, to the outfit. In order to keep track of time while studying, the Fashionista has worn a gold Fossil watch which adds a bit of sparkle.

As finals week approaches, remember that no matter how much studying you have to do, always dress in relaxed clothing. The worst feeling is sitting in a library chair for hours on end, in an uncomfortable outfit that distracts you from studying; let the distractions come from searching CollegeFashionista for inspiration on your next outfit.

One Simple Change: Once finals are over, switch the yoga pants for a classic pair of blue jeans, and you have the perfect weekend wear outfit.